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Nº 4. 2021. Positive Mimesis: Education and Mimetic Theory.
We will accept originals until February 15th 2021.

Within Mimetic Theory two types of mimesis have been frequently distinguished: internal and external. In René Girard’s seminal essay, Deceit, Desire and the Novel (1961), the first one, the internal type, was associated with a negative value of conflict and rivalry. In the case of external mimesis, there was a positive rivalry, emulation or exemplary. René Girard in his later production, since Violence and the Sacred (1972), has delved into internal or negative mediation, a type of imitation that leads to a violent, mimetic rivalry ending up in the sacrifice of scapegoat – it constitutes the well-known mechanism of the scapegoat. Only in a few occasion René Girard has turned back to this  external or positive mediation, or to the positive value of his own theory. In this sense, he has been accused of a certain «apocalyptic» pessimism. In this monographic issue we want to reflect on the positive mimesis from an educational perspective. To this purpose, the journal may welcome contributions within the following areas:

  • Education and Mimetic Theory
  • Educational models and Mimetic Theory
  • History and socio-educational models
  • Public exemplarity
  • Imitation and emulation
  • The role of the teacher as a model
  • Social models and education
  • Media, social models and education
Jusepe Ribera, Dispute des philosophes
La dispute des philosophes, Jusepe de Ribera, vers 1635/1640, huile sur toile, Inv. 0242 CM,  Musée Sandelin, Saint-Omer © 8KStories

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